Empower Haiti

Solar Electrification for Partners In Health Health Clinic

Project Location: Hinche, Haiti

In September 2009, Solar Liberty Foundation provided a solar energy system to a Partners In Health health clinic in Hinche, Haiti. Prior to the installation, the clinic, which is located in rural Haiti, had no access to electricity. Power for the clinic’s communication system came from running a diesel generator. With diesel fuel costing approximately $8/gallon, the clinic was spending money that could have been used to provide necessary health care services.

Solar Liberty Foundation’s off-grid solar electrification system now provides consistent power for critical communications systems, which connect the clinic’s health care professionals with doctors and referral hospitals in the country. Furthermore, by eliminating the pollution from the generator, there is now less harm to the environment, to patients and to the staff of the health clinic.

Like Solar Liberty Foundation, Partners in Health is a nonprofit. Founded in 1987, Partners In Health provides a preferential health care option for the poor and treats all patients regardless of their ability to pay. Partners In Health has worked in rural Haiti for over 20 years.

Hinche - 26 May 013Hinche - 25 May 055

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